Industrial sector - BIM designing
Among the very first companies, Deldossi S.r.l. has been using BIM (Building Information Modeling) to design buildings for some years now. BIM is an innovative information model that can fully describe the various building components, taking advantage of coordinated and reliable information that goes from the research and feasibility studies' phase all the way to the construction operational phase. The cornerstone of this new work philosophy is the representation of the building through instruments that manage 3D models that can define the objects as they will be used in the construction.

Working with Building Information Modeling allows to:
  • precisely foresee the performances, quantities and costs of a building
  • eliminate redundant information
  • improve communication
  • focus all the labour force on the data present in the designs
  • optimise the design phase as well as the implementation and management ones
BIM goal is to give an overall representation of the work in its lifetime. This way, we can create more precise and more sustainable designs (less mistakes and less waste), gaining higher profits and more satisfied clients. Also, BIM prevents any datum from being lost during the various phases and thus permits a clearer communication between architects, engineers, technicians, contractors, builders and owners.
New canteen and gym design at the Mother Teresa of Calcutta primary school - Pompiano (Brescia)