Civil sector - Systems - Industrial heating system with remote control
Thanks to this technology, you can connect the systems online and let our office manage them through special software. We receive error reports directly from the systems and can instantly check where the problem occurred and therefore assess how to best intervene.

Thanks to the presence of many internal and external probes, it is possible to automatically regulate the temperature on the basis of a completely parameterizable climate compensation curve; otherwise you can set alarms that indicate when a certain temperature has been exceeded - a technology of fundamental importance when a place is to be kept in particular climate conditions.

You can manage the work schedule of each machine. You can even enter special settings when you are on holidays, in order to ensure complete and safe shut-down of the system and avoid useless energy waste when you are away. You can do everything's been mentioned through a simple personal computer with an internet connection. You don't have to physically intervene on the system.
An example of a domestic system remote assistance display