Civil sector - Systems - Home automation
Home automation broadens design possibilities and makes life easier and more functional. It allows to manage the house remotely. This way you can do a series of operations even when you are away from home, such as:
  • turning the heating on and off
  • pulling the shutters up and down
  • turning the lights on and off
  • checking the inside of your home thanks to the installation of dedicated cameras
In terms of energy and economic savings, a good home automation system can bring considerable advantages. For example, you can use:
  • automatic free-cooling management in mid-seasons (exploiting the external air as a source of air conditioning for the inside)
  • management of brise soleils and shutters
  • automatic shut off of air conditioners when the windows remain open
A picture of the touch screen display of the home automation control panel installed at the Style & Relax Residence - Desenzano del Garda (Brescia)