Civil sector - Renovations
Renovating one's home is an important choice and, thanks to tax breaks provided by the current legislation, it is also very convenient. Aside from designing and constructing new buildings, the Deldossi construction company also successfully renovates buildings of all kinds. We work hard to satisfy our client, applying the technical solutions designed by our offices, without neglecting the applicative and aesthetic details that increase its durability and reliability over time.

The Deldossi staff studies the most suitable solutions, searching for:
  • the utmost reliability of the structure from a technological and constructive point of view;
  • the modernity of systems;
  • significant aesthetic improvement.
Below is a small gallery of renovations we have done.
Manor restoration - Brescia
Work on a manor with an area of 500 m2 with several building units. There was the need to obtain exclusive parking places. The building is in an area that is subdued to environmental restrictions: the renovation was therefore done in compliance with strict design criteria. The architectural result is pleasant, concerning both the inside, thanks to the use of the wood in various structural and finishing parts, and the outside, thanks to the refurbishment of the facades and to the original painting.
Renovation and restoration of Villa Pace - Gussago (Brescia)
The renovation and restoration of the house of spirituality, Villa Pace, architectural complex safeguarded by the Fine Arts Commission. They required great expertise. The work involved an area of about 3000 m2, which included the annex church, a 100-seat conference room, 37 bedrooms with bathrooms, 6 conference rooms, a kitchen and various accessory spaces. We consolidated the walls with injections and renovated the existing wooden slabs and decorated facades. We did it all safeguarding the existing frescos, found during the execution of the work.
Renovation of an annexed villa dating back to the 1800s - Sarnico (Bergamo)
Our work consisted in: rebuilding a greenhouse area by use of a steel structure, restoring the slambs and inserting the entire plant structure. We used pure white lime-based plasters to allow a greater breathability of the walls. Lastly, we used Sarnico stone, a local stone, for windowsills and external pavements.