Industrial sector - Construction renovations
Renovating a factory means modernising it by implementing the most modern technologies. Besides renovating the building, which is the traditional activity of those who work in this field, we also follow the client step by step in the renovation of the factory layout. If we organise the machines spaces better, we can optimise the transfer times from one process to another. This way, the company will increase its production.

The renovation of the factory does not implicate the total stop of production: our staff works hinders the production cycle as little as possible.

We provide assistance for the construction of automatic warehouses that speed up the stocking of goods and allow to save precious space that can be used to expand the production area. We offer our consultation for the improvement of staff's management and safety thanks to the installation of control systems such as electronic badges or entrance turnstiles.
An automatic warehouse external to the AB Impianti industrial building - Orzinuovi (Brescia)
Nixa company renovation - Brandico (Brescia)
NTK EUROPE S.p.A. company renovation - Brandico (Brescia)