Civil sector - Systems - Intelligent LED lighting
LEDs are increasingly used to replace conventional light sources. Their use in domestic lighting for interiors is now possible and with notable results. Today, lighting efficiency (light quantity/consumption ratio) has reached very high levels. The Deldossi Group is at pace with these new standards and can offer his clients the best technology in this field too.
Use of LED lights offers many advantages:
  • superior duration compared to conventional light bulbs
  • high yield
  • they are safer because they have very low tension and are resistant to humidity.
We have used this lighting model, backed by Philips Lighting, for the new office block of the company AB Engineering and Energy. The LED lights are guided by a specific light management system. Thanks to this experience, we are now able to structure the system according to the needs of every single room.
Intelligent lighting with LED installed at AB Energy building - Orzinuovi (Brescia)