Civil sector - New constructions
Deldossi has been in a prominent position among builders in Brescia for over a century and has always stood out for the quality of its works. Construction of new buildings is the core business of the company.

Deldossi always keeps pace with new building materials, new technologies, systems, and regulations. We construct buildings proposing the best solutions in line with the demands and the financial means of the client.

Our goal is to build long-lasting houses that requires the least possible upkeep. We achieve this result thanks to in-depth studies of the factors that are likely to impact the health of the building over time, such as the possible formation of damp or cracks due to an unsuitable land.

In the innovative technology and systems section we present some types of technically advanced works that we perform for our buildings realisation.

Below is a small gallery of some buildings we have recently built.
Style & Relax Building: Da Vinci Apartment - Desenzano del Garda (Brescia)
Style & Relax Building - Desenzano del Garda (Brescia)
The building, located in a spot of rare beauty and quietness, overlooking the lake, is the result of an avantgarde design. The chosen materials ensure the utmost safety, stability and elegance; the spaces are luminous and refined; the systems are modern and technologically advanced. The walls are characterised by an exterior insulation and finishing system, with a porous clay surface and a plasterboard counter-planking with thermal insulating panels in glass wool. Special care was paid to doors and windows that meet the strictest eligibility criteria (class 4 air permeability; 9A waterproofing).
The Style & Relax building, thanks to the use of home automation, ensures the automation of the building as well as a sustainable energy management.
Il Maglio Building - Orzinuovi (Brescia)
We designed and renovated this apartment block, located near the centre of the town. There are nine housing units of various sizes, with the relative underground garages. We worked hard to achieve an high level sound and thermal insulation, which will permit notable energy savings. The structure is characterised by elegance and quality, guaranteed by the external and internal accurate finishing and by the materials used: wood for the eaves, natural stone for the covering of pillars and portions of the walls, copper for the metalwork, natural lime-based plaster that allows the walls to breathe.
Petrarca Residence - Orzinuovi (Brescia)
This is a residential building located in Orzinuovi consisting of six apartments and a two-storey house, for a total area of over 600 m2. The main facade, defined by a tympanum built of laminated timber and by natural stone covered pillars, is very elegant. The insulating and ventilated covering is made of wood, as the eaves, while the metalwork are made of copper.