Industrial sector - New costructions
We build industrial buildings with the best technologies in the construction sector, which guarantee the optimisation of costs and maintenances during the lifetime of the building. We always keep an eye on potential future expansions; we organise the structure so that future constructions can be easier and economically convenient. We construct plants and company headquarters of any size.

The costumer follows the designing of the building side by side with us so that he can help us optimise spaces according to what the company needs are. This way, it's the building that adapts to the company's needs and not vice versa.
AB Holding office building – Orzinuovi (BS)
Our work consisted in the following services: artistic direction, calculation of reinforced concrete and construction of about 700 square metres of office building arranged on three levels. The cladding was made with metallic champagne coloured Reynoboard composite aluminium panels, in order allow the three-dimensional alignment. The chestnut coloured laminated timber beams give shape to the roof with central barycentre, which develops along the front with a wave shape. The spikes that support the protrusion of the roof stick out on the side. All of the sheet metal is in copper.
AB Energy office building – Orzinuovi (BS)
A&B Automatic bar turning – Berlingo (Brescia)
The A&B building, a leading company in the field of precision automatic bar turning, is equipped with an internal elevator hoist, underground tunnels for shavings recovery and a ramp that allows heavy vehicles to enter the warehouse, which is on the underground level. This floor was entirely made with waterproofed concrete, which avoids external infiltrations, and presents an inspectable panels false ceiling. On the ground floor, the floor was treated with slip-proof and oil-proof resins to prevent any material used during the production from causing, once dropped, safety problems. The offices, completely insulated, were built of masonry on a prefabricated structure.
Antico Eremo S.p.A. – Berlingo (BS)
Our work consisted in designing and implementing the headquarters of the areas united by L'Antico Eremo company.
The entryway spreads over two floors and this is where the offices, analysis laboratories, and product development by the company are located. To the right of the pedestrian entryway is the warehouse entrance, which faces a large open-space area.
Both inside and outside of the building we installed railings and other metallic carpentry, red on the outside and dark grey on the inside loft.