Industrial sector - Systems - Photovoltaic systems
The Deldossi Group has always paid attention to environmental issues and to the technological progress that accompanies their development. We are particularly skilled at installing photovoltaic and solar panels both the civil and the industrial fields.

We design and install latest generation systems, that uses solar energy to produce new energy. Using this kind of renewable energy source as primary energy source permits:
  • great savings on consumption
  • potential earnings by selling the energy generated
  • protection of the environment.
This solution can be very advantageous for companies that have wide available spaces on their factories rooftops. In fact, they can use them as a base on which to install the solar or photovoltaic panels.
Photovoltaic system installation - Pompiano (Brescia)
The images illustrate the initial plan and the actual installation of a 6Kw/h photovoltaic system on the primary school Mother Teresa di Calcutta, located in Pompiano (BS).