Civil sector - Innovative technologies - Flooring with structural fibres
Among the innovative technologies proposed by the Deldossi Group are the fibre-reinforced concrete floors, meaning they use structural fibres.

These kinds of materials are used to:
  • Avoid floor thickness and concrete costs increases
  • Avoid cracks after the casting due to the withdrawal of concrete
  • Reduce problems caused by the incorrect laying of the reinforcement net.
The fibres can be of ferrous material, polypropylene or polyester depending on your needs. The concrete plant add them to the inert substances and the water of the mixture in order to use them later already mixed with concrete. Particular attention must be paid to the mixture, so that the fibres homogeneously spread out on the ordered concrete, as well as to the surface finishing, so that to prevent some parts of the fibres from coming out. Fibre-reinforced concrete significantly increases its traction characteristics and partially integrates the traditional reinforcement.
Slab with structural fibre
The images describe the covering work of an in-floor heating system; the work is delicate for two reasons: special care must be paid not to damage the heating tubes because breakages may occur once the system starts working; another delicate point is the casting of the concrete with the insertion of the reinforcement, which must be as much uniform as possible.